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​Gift from the stars

Produced in HOSHI-NO-SUNA

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​Surprise proposal

I want to make a surprise proposal.

but. .. ..

  • Suddenly an expensive ring is a bit

  • I don't know what ring design I like

  • I don't know my ring size

  • There is no date until the proposal

  • I don't have time to go to a jewelry store. Difficult to enter


The situation is important when proposing

When I heard the word "proposal" and pictured that scene,

What kind of scene do you imagine?

"A restaurant with a beautiful night view..."

"At the beach with a beautiful sunset..."

It seems that many people have this image,

In fact, ``proposals'' often take place at night.Is it okay?

​Aimed at people who have experienced a proposal and those who are planning to be proposed in the future.

We asked them when they actually proposed, or when they would like to be proposed.


What are the benefits of a night proposal?

romantic atmosphere

There is usually a romantic atmosphere at night. The glow of the stars, the moon, and the illuminated cityscape will make the moment of your proposal special.

private space

Because there are fewer places where people are out at night, the place to propose will be a relatively quiet and private space. This may allow couples to share their feelings more deeply.

surprise and surprise

  A night proposal can be an unexpected surprise for the other person. Especially if you don't usually spend much time together and don't often go out at night, you can offer a more special surprise.

memorable moments

 Proposals at night often have a lot of visual elements, such as the light and the beauty of the scenery. When these elements come together, the moment is likely to be even more memorable. Therefore, a night proposal is often a moment that couples will remember for the rest of their lives.


youat what time

Have you been proposed?

Or do you want to be?

1st place: Night (about 19:00-23:00). .. .. .. 38.7%

2nd place: Evening (about 16:00-18:00). .. .. 5.7%

Those who answered that the best time to propose is "night"

The result was an overwhelming number.

Morning/Lunch: Approximately 8%

No particular time preference: 40%

I don't remember when I was proposed: 11%                                               

proposal ring

​``Proposal ring''

What is “proposal ring”?

This is a special ring just for making a proposal.

I want to make a surprise proposal.

But I don't know my preferences or size.

Are you worried about not knowing the date until the proposal?

This is the perfect ring for those who carry it.

Please tell us your feelings with a "proposal ring",

After that, with the engagement ring that the two of you have chosen,

propose again

This is a new “form” of proposal.


gift from the stars

When I'm next to you, gentle and gentle,

I always feel happy.
With you like that, I will always be here,

I want to be with you.

I love you.
Please marry me.
Let's create a happy future together.


Will you marry me?

Before handing over the engagement ring,

Surprise your loved one with a proposal ring...

For the star sand proposal ring

mean please marry me


The message of
Engraved at ringside.

Engagement ring of your choiceof

I would like to choose the design together.

But before that, I have a feeling of determination.

I want to give you a surprise.

Such a man's wishYes, it reaches the woman,

A moving scene that will remain in your memories

He will definitely perform.

Dedicated​Ring case

The proposal ring I purchased

Illuminates the ring brightly even at night

Equipped with LED light

Comes with a ring case

It is a standard proposal

💛Box Paka💛

"will you marry me"


Special design ring of star sand

star sand proposal ring

​A center stone (cz) of the same size as 1 carat

Luxurious design that stands out

Ring: No. 11

Ring: SV925 rhodium plated

Center stone: cubic zirconia
Achieved the same size as 1 carat diamond (approximately 6.5mm in diameter)


Side stone: cubic zirconia

​Surprise proposal

Going out in Japanese clothes

on board

"Surprise proposal"

sand of star
SINCE 1981

Connecting the dots makes a line

Stars connect and become constellations

Thoughts and feelings connect and become love

A single starting point and a lifetime called a fate line.

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