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Gift from ​

Thank you for purchasing the HOSHI no SUNA proposal ring.

We sincerely congratulate you both on your marriage!

On this special day, I wish that your love and bond will last forever.

Marriage is the beginning of a new journey, a wonderful adventure of supporting each other, sharing smiles and happiness. Your future will be filled with love and happiness,

I sincerely hope that your days will continue to be filled with joy.


This small gift is an expression of our heartfelt gratitude from the stars.

It's not a big gift, but it's filled with the thoughts of the stars.

I was impressed by their personalities and the depth of their love, so I chose them because I wanted to be able to help them in some small way.

I hope you receive it and that you enjoy it. ​


​Your names and anniversary date
plate containing
​“Anniversary Plate”

``Proposal'' is a special day for both of you.

To remember that special day forever

​We will give you an “anniversary plate”


​Upgrade diamond

When purchasing HOSHI no SUNA original engagement,

center stone


one grade upgradedifferenceI'll let you.

*VVS1orderFor customers who received

At a lower price​We will respond.


near you
​It will be delivered at a dealer.

You can receive a HOSHI no SUNA gift at a store near you.

plate order
Please tell me the store where I can get the engraving and the store​

Please tell us the names and anniversary date of the couple that will be engraved on the charm.


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